Introducing FireLIMS - LIMS Without Limits

Developed alongside a commercial Fire Testing startup in NZ, FireLIMS is state of the art and provides instant reporting and results while keeping track of every aspect of the process.

Fully Featured

FireLIMS allows customers to set up (with supporting documentation) their own briefs as well as providing photos during the build, preparation and test processes as well as allocation of stock items via hand held devices.


Since we developed FireLIMS in house, we have all the skills to make extensive modifications to not only support your business processes but also provide you with a competitive advantage.


Consistent reporting as well as quotes, deposits, payment and invoicing integration.


Not only will you enjoy using FireLIMS but so will your customers with instant reporting and finalisation, meaning there is no more waiting.


As our system is web based, you can continue working off site if desired.


With no user licensing fees and open source software, your FireLIMS System will be forever growing with your business.

We don't just have a system, we have a solution.
Reach maximum performance on projects with our custom software development.
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